Namtelecom provides virtual Thai phone numbers, often referred to as inbound SIP trunks direct inward dialing, or DID numbers. Our wholesale DID services enable cloud communications providers, international carriers, mobile operators and enterprise contact centers to extend and expand the reach of their voice network to Thailand with reliable and cost effective provider. Namtelecom provides full geographical coverage of all area codes in Thailand.


Cost Savings

Can help businesses save money on long-distance and international calls, as they use the internet to route calls instead of traditional phone lines.


Inbound SIP trunks can be easily scaled up or down to match a business's changing needs, making them a flexible solution for businesses of all sizes.

Improved Reliability

Uses the internet to route calls, which can provide a more reliable connection compared to traditional phone lines.

Increased Flexibility

Allows businesses to have multiple phone numbers and extensions, which can improve communication and collaboration within the organization.

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