Workshop Caravaggio and Old Masters

Workshop Caravaggio and Old Masters

The workshop is intended for all new people interested in Old Master techniques, as well as for those who have visited one of these workshops and want to complete their work in progress.

​From the classical painting series, we have prepared a course related to Old Master painting techniques, namely Baroque.

​Carravagio was a master of still life – due to the variety of depicted objects and materials (for example, silver or brass teapots, various fruits or vegetables, flowers, seashells and much more), still life painting is an excellent tool for learning the regularities of painting different types of materials, surfaces and textures.

In the course you will learn how to prepare a quality background. What are the types of Old Master underpaintings and what underpainting should you choose for your work. We will explain the theory of light and shadow, the concepts of valerian lighting, tonality, contrast, how a painting on a dark background was built, what is “grisaille”.

​Since chiaroscuro paintings are painted using a time-consuming layered technique, you will take home a monochromatic underpainting of the painting, which in most cases is already a perfect work. We will also try laying thin layers of color – glaze.

Although in the course program you will not be strictly forced to imitate copies of still life ala Caravaggio, the course is directed towards Old Master chiaroscuro painting.

What to take with you?

​You can bring any of your own artwork template related to this topic – we recommend the best possible photo quality.

We have all other tools and colors ready for you in the Atelier.

​Didn’t you have time to buy the canvas?

Not a big deal ! you can always find a few canvases for sale with us.


​The price of the workshop is CZK 1,590 (7 hours).

Art work of our students

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